Installing a Freshly Rebuilt GoWesty Upgraded Engine and Other Upgraded Parts

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GoWesty VW Engine

Rebuilt engine from

We have been installing rebuilt engines in Vanagon campers for years and have learned what works best for us. A majority of the vans out there have a lot of miles on them at this point, and let’s admit, most of them are just flat-out old. Age and miles is a big factor when it comes to a majority of the components that attach to the engine and the systems that support it. Just simply replacing your engine and nothing else will usually have less than satisfactory results.

rebuilt engine form


• Before we start, we always clean and degrease the engine compartment
• We always start with a rebuilt engine from
• Replace all fuel hoses and hose clamps, including hoses at the gas tank and pump (we use crimp on style hose clamps)
• Remove the plastic fuel hose union at firewall and install a rubber grommet (we later route the fuel hose through this grommet)
• Cut out and replace all engine grounds and replace with high quality wire ends. Also clean all ground contact areas
• Replace radiator and switches. Also replace radiator side board air deflectors if necessary. Mae sure to check out the radiator fan at this point and replace if necessary
• Replace crappy original plastic water pipes with upgraded stainless steel pipes
• Replace every single coolant hose
• Replace every single hose clamp that is non spring style and reuse all spring-style clamps that are still in good condition. Use crimp style or spring style clamps if possible when replacing bad hose clamps
• Replace all plastic hose unions, etc. in the cooling system
• Upgrade the thermostat housing with GoWesty’s billet aluminum housing
• Upgrade the alternator harness with GoWesty’s harness literally removing about five feet of wiring and replacing it with about three feet of heavier gauge wire
• Reseal entire gas tank including remove vapor canisters and install new grommets
• Distributors have a high failure rate so it is a good idea to replace if it looks questionable at all
• Replace entire exhaust system including hangers unless it looks to be in great condition. Also replace oxygen sensor
• Replace all engine mounts
• Replace clutch set unless it’s in great condition
• Glass bead and paint all bare metal components that attach to the engine
• Replace distributor cap, rotor and wires
• Clean and adjust throttle plate and switch. Replace if necessary
• Check functionality of idle control circuit and replace any components that are not working properly
• If installing a 2.3L engine or larger, it is recommended to install a gear reduction starter
• Replace fuel injector seals
• It is a good idea to replace heater cores at this point if they are original

If you’re interested in upgrading your van, give us a holler and we’ll take care of everything.

rebuilt engine form

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Installing a Freshly Rebuilt GoWesty Upgraded Engine and Other Upgraded Parts, 3.4 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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  1. Rob says:

    How much does all of this cost (ballpark) if I do the work? I have an 84 Westfalia and was thinking about doing this next year.

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