Shop Talk: A Common Vanagon Problem

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Vanagon clutch pivot joint.

Pivot joint worn through in addition to the rod and joint being in really bad shape.

If you’re experiencing hard shifting issues like crunching into gear and/or just flat-out difficulty to shift into any gear, you might have a worn out clutch pedal pivot joint. Attached to the clutch pedal, up underneath the dash on all manual transmission Vanagons, is an adjustable rod that goes into the clutch master cylinder. Over time, the pivot joint begins to wear causing free play in the pedal. If the free play gets bad enough, you’ll begin having shifting issues because your clutch is no longer disengaging all the way. If left in this state long enough, the pivot can actually break and potentially leave you stranded.

Vanagon Rebuilt Pedal

Rebuilt pedal and rod installed in housing.

Unfortunately, to repair this problem you have to remove the entire dashboard and clutch/brake pedal assembly. Because the dash is out at this point, it’s often a good idea to do other work while you’re in there such as replacing the heater core and rebuilding your heater box.

Vanagon Clutch & Brake Pedal

Clutch and brake pedal installed back in housing with brake booster. Ready to install back in car.

Vanagon Clutch Pedal Assembly

Pedal assembly and dash removed.

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