Eurovan Camper Fridges On the Fritz

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Eurovan Camper Refrigerator

A very common problem with the Eurovan camper refrigerator is they do not work off of propane or are very hard to get started.

The way the refrigerator works off of propane is actually quite simple. Although there are various problems that cause the fridge to not work, the most common is a rusted-up and clogged burner box.

Burner Box with Rust Pileup

Burner Box with Rust Pileup

When you turn the propane on in your van and hold down the primer button, fuel is supplied to a small burner box. Inside the box is a small burner just like the one on a propane stove, but much smaller. Propane should be able to exit out of the burner through several small slots. Once lit, the burner puts out a small flame and warms up a thermocouple just like the ones on most hot water heaters you’ll find in most homes. It’s basically a pilot light.

Once the thermal couple gets warm enough, you can release your primer button and the thermocouple should hold open, allowing propane to continually flow out of the burner box. This causes the Freon to circulate and keep your fridge cold.

The problem is that over time, moisture collects in the burner box and causes the slots the propane comes out of to get rusted up and clogged. The repair is simple: just clean the slots out really well without enlarging the size of the slots, and usually the fridge will work just fine. You do have to remove the fridge to do this, so it’s quite time consuming, but well worth it.

Clogged Burner Slits

Clogged Burner Slits

Rust Removed from Burner Box

Big pile of rust removed from burner box.

While we’re at it, we typically glass-bead the burner to get all the rust and slight pitting out of it.

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