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Vanagon Syncro Latch Parts

For years, we’ve struggled with hard-to-find, obsolete parts. Slider door hinges are a prime example. More often than not, when we needed something like this we ended up pulling it off one of our parts vans, and basically rebuilding it using whatever good used parts we had available. Sure, it worked, but nothing is as good as an original brand-new OEM VW part.

We decided to order up some of these previously unavailable parts, and start by replacing all of the basic roller and hinge parts for a VW Vanagon slider door. The team over at VW Heritage in the UK have a pretty extensive listing for classic VW parts, so we decided to give them a try. Our parts arrived quickly and were of the quality that we were promised.

Here are some photos of the old and new parts, and the work we had to do in order to replace them all.

Comments and questions are always welcome. See you on the road!

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